Welcome to ChurrOZ


Mouth-watering flavour. Golden crispy texture. Chocolate sauce filling.

Cinnamon sugar. Crunchy versus soft… Sounds like a churro from ChurrOZ to us!




Welcome to Adelaide’s favourite churro vendor, ChurrOZ, the mobile churro shop

on wheels (and marquee!) that’s making Adelaide sweeter, one churro at a time.


Maybe it’s because the delicious pastry-based dessert is fried (crispy on the outside,

soft on the inside), dusted with cinnamon sugar or drizzled with creamy chocolate or

caramel (dulce de leche) sauce…


Or perhaps it’s because ChurrOZ uses 100% Australian natural fine ingredients, with

no preservatives, no artificial colorants and fried in cholesterol-free canola oil.


One thing is for sure: life is sweeter with a churro from ChurrOZ.



ChurrOz is the perfect dessert for a variety of occasions and events.


Want ChurrOZ at your next event? They can be at:








Hens and bucks




Corporate events


Christmas parties






Choose your event, choose from the ChurrOZ mobile food van or ChurrOZ marquee

and then – the fun part – choose your churro!









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 Customer's comment  "Oh my goodness!!! Yes yes yes ! The churros were absolutely amazing ! Thank you so very much for supplying for us."