History of Churro


The humble (read: delicious) churro originated in Spain, many moons

ago from Spanish shepherds. Churro was coined after this particular

breed of sheep from the grasslands of Huarocho, because of the resemblance

between the churros and the sheep’s horns. Fast forward a few years and

this Hispanic invention is now popular in Latin America, France, Portugal,

America, Spanish-speaking Caribbean Islands and of course… Adelaide!


The churro is typically fried to a crunchy consistency. Its surface is ridged

due to being piped from a churrera (a syringe with a star-shaped nozzle).

Churros are generally prism in shape, and may be straight, curled or spirally



Let’s get one thing straight – a churro might taste like a Spanish doughnut
and look like a Spanish doughnut, but don’t get it confused, as they are
two different desserts. A churro is a churro! Otherwise it’s like calling spaghetti
– Italian noodles!

ChurrOZ the company


ChurrOZ live and breathe churros. It was the first churro company in

Adelaide – they’ve been pedalling these delicious sticks of dough since

2008. Since then ChurrOZ has been frying up and offering the freshest

quality churros, and always ensuring the needs of their customers are met

and expectations are exceeded.

Make no mistake, ChurrOZ is one family business on a mission - to treat
you and your tastebuds… and perhaps even send you to churro heaven, along
the way.